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Pool Construction

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We do a complete 10 step process to convert your yard into the backyard of your dreams with a custom built pool.


Pool Design

A member of our design team will meet with you for a pool consultation and get all the information we need to build your pool. With all the information we gather now it is time to create a pool rendering. We use a specialized 3D pool design software that allows you to see your pool in great detail. You can make any changes after reviewing the pool rendering. After you approve the final design, we will create a detailed set of plans. Finally, we create the contract, get a down payment and start the permit process.


Layout & Excavation

When the permit has been approved we mark an outline of your pool with ground paint in your yard. When everything is checked for accuracy and you approve, the excavation can begin.



In this step we install all the underground plumbing. Every pool is different, so we plumb the pool / spa / water features as per plan to optimize great circulation. All pipe connections are solidly bonded, and the entire plumbing system is hydrostatically pressure tested.



Installation of rebar consists of the rebar forming to the pool shape. Every pool has a standard engineering detail with some requiring special details due to pool placement near structures and slopes. After rebar is installed, an inspection is required and completed by city and or county inspectors prior to shotcrete.



Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity to the pool that will create the structure of the pool. After curing process, the pool trenches can be backfilled.



Next is the installation of your waterline tile. Your pool will get a weather resistant waterline tile that will be professionally set and carefully grouted around the waterline of your pool. Tile usually take several days to finish.


Coping & Decking

The coping and decking material you selected during the design phase will be install. This decking material can consist of concrete, travertine and or pavers. Depending on the amount of decking on contract this process can take several weeks to complete.


Plaster Prep

Prepping the pool for pebble or plaster involves scraping the pool down getting the loose debris and concrete off the surface of the shell of the pool. The pool is then washed getting the surface as clean as possible. The pool is now ready for the interior finish.


Interior Surface

Before the interior surface can be applied, we need pass an enclosure inspection. A city or county inspector will come out to make sure the fences gates and barriers are to code. The interior finish can now be applied. The installers will apply the final coat to the pool with the color and material that you chose in the design stage. This is a few hour process. If you have a pebble finish the pool will get an acid wash the following day and then the water can be started to fill the pool.


Congratulations! Your pool is complete

The final steps to the entire pool building process is to have a walk through and show you how to operate your new pool. After the walk through we will set up a final inspection with a city or county inspector to inspect the entire project and do their final sign off.